Uncover Hidden Data for Cheaper Clicks & More Profit from your Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Brand New Software Instantly Uncover Facebook Audiences Your Competition Will Never Find in 2 minutes or less…

In most niches, advertisers are targeting the same interests that thousands of other business owner like you are targeting. Which means ad fatigue for your audience and hence very poor ROAS 😞

We created this tool to find hidden interests from Facebook so you can outsmart your competitors and increase your ROAS multi-fold.

Thousands Of Businesses Are All Competing For The Same Audiences

Whenever you setup targeting within Facebook it only shows 20 – 30 results.

These results are the same results everyone else sees…

They look like this:

Image shows the limited targeting options Facebook gives it’s advertisers.

The Old Way Of Targeting

Facebook advertisers are stuck competing for the same limited keyword terms because Facebook doesn’t show them.
Advertisers are paying higher prices for clicks, getting lower clickthrough rates on their ads.
Advertisers are unknowingly flushing millions of dollars down the drain every single day targeting the limited audiences that Facebook shows you.

Immediately Save on ad costs using THIS Unfair Advantage

When you target interests poorly less people click on your ads. When Facebook sees that less people are clicking on your ads it means that your ads are hurting peoples user experience. So what Facebook does is it increases the price you pay for clicks.
If you want to avoid getting less clicks and Facebook charging you more for clicks within Facebook you need target your audiences correctly.
Problem is that Facebook’s system for targeting is extremely limited and many of the tools out on the market right now don’t provide you with the information that you need.

The fact is: Facebook hides its most valuable data. This means there is always a lot of competition for the same keywords resulting in a lot of poorly targeted ads and expensive clicks.

Leap-Frog your competition and find highly targeted audiences who want what you’re selling

(Your competition doesn’t even know about)
Facebook hides it’s very best targeting data. It’s only accessible to large advertisers or publishers who have been approved to use the data.
This data includes key information such as:
What topics people like, what information people interact on Facebook, what websites users view and much more.
Imagine if you could get access to Facebook’s hidden data? You’d be able to find untapped audiences your competition doesn’t even know exist…

Remove the guesswork & find the exact audiences you want without split testing or spending a dime

The fact is that if you’ve lost at Facebook ads it’s probably because you chose one of Facebook’s public targeting options.
So you would have been competing with everyone else while overpaying for clicks.
You shouldn’t have to do that… in fact you should be able to find the audiences who WANT your products…
Because when you can it means your ads instantly become more profitable and you pay less for your clicks.

Within minutes filter your audiences and drill down to find your customers

Facebook is very picky about how they allow to use their data. In fact most tools on the market use Facebook’s regular API. These tools can get some additional Facebook data but not enough to really help with targeting.

So we decided to build a tool that would allow us to get this data, then went through a lengthy approval process with Facebook to get access to their very best interests and behavioural data.

And for the first time we’re now making this Facebook approved tool available to the public so that ANYONE can access Facebook’s very best private interests and behavioural data within one easy to access dashboard.

Introducing: AdSightPro –
Profit From Facebook’s Very Best Data


Search through Facebook and you’ll find very limited results with only general audiences

These broad and general search terms mean that your ads will be expensive, you’re competing against a ton of other advertisers. It’s going to be hard to create a profitable ad campaign.


AdSight PRO uses Facebook’s very best hidden data to uncover hundreds of great audiences totarget

Simply run a search for any keyword and uncover a number of great keywords you can use to advertise to your audience. Instantly increase your ad clickthrough rates and profit.

Profitable Facebook Ads in 4 simple steps


The very best interests & behavioural data available


Your data and select the exact audiences you want to target


With one click copy all of the best keywords for your ads and paste them into Facebook’s system


Instantly drive better audiences to your ads, get cheaper clicks from Facebook and make more money with better data.

The very best data at your fingertips

Imagine side stepping your competition and targeting fresh untapped audiences.

Within minutes access a constant flow of the most recent, powerful and specific data Facebook has available.

Save thousands on split testing costs and even make money extracting data from this software and selling it to businesses.

Case Study:
Every $1 We Put In, We Got $12 Out!

Here’s a campaign that’s made $1863 From a $149.17 Ad.
We first started this campaign with Facebook’s targeting. It failed miserably…
Then we spent 2 minutes and pushed our keyword through the AdSight PRO
System. It gave us the interests & behaviors we should use… AND:

After exactly $149.17 our $69 online marketing product called ‘Txt Video’ generated over $1863 in sales. All from a simple ad and AdSight Pro Targeting!

With AdSightPro:

Profit Using AdSight PRO To Help Businesses With A Full Commercial Rights License

Businesses are spending thousands of dollars every month on Facebook ads. These businesses are using the data Facebook provides.

Businesses are spending tens of thousands of dollars trying to target their audiences. You can send them the exact audiences they should be targeting and charge them for the data. With AdSightPro you’re getting commercial rights. That means you can either sell the data you grab from within AdSightPro or use it when you run ads for clients.

Easy To Use Intuitive Interface

Once you login you’ll see how easy this software is. Within a couple of clicks you have Facebook’s very best data at your fingertips. Navigate through the data using our clean and intuitive interface.

Unlock Interests Data

Access the largest group of interests data on earth. Navigate through different keywords and acquire lists of Facebook users who have expressed interests in a range of different topics. Select from a wide range of suggestions and dig deep into peoples interests to find the very best and most accurate targeting data.

Unlock Behavioural Data

At your fingertips you can now have the best behavioural data available. Search based on what peoples behaviours are on the platform. What ads they click on, what websites they visit and how they behave within Facebook. You can target people with ads based on the topics they’ve shown interest in based on their behaviour.

Dig Deeper Into Each Audience

You can conduct further research and dig deeper into the interests data you find. Search through Facebook & Google to find more opportunities and to get more familiar with the data that you locate.

Select & Copy The Exact Audiences You Want To Target

Tick which audiences you want to target, compile a list then copy the entire list within 1 click. Save audiences for the future and keep track of which audiences you’ve already saved and advertised to.

Find Highly Targeted Audiences In Any Language

Tap into Facebook’s very best data to uncover the very best audiences in ANY language.
Find the top interests and behavioral data for whatever language you’re targeting.

Finely Tune Your Results & Find Valuable Audiences Fast

Instantly find the most precise audiences you can target.
Search results can now be finely tuned to present the most relevant and useful data possible.
Easily filter search results by popularity or name.

Research Audiences Deeper

AdSight PRO opens audiences up allowing you to effortlessly Clickthrough and conduct additional research through both
Facebook & Google.

Within one click you can be taken to Facebook & Googles interests data within the Facebook graph. This can help you to find additional ideas for audience searches and develop a better understanding of who you’re targeting within your ads.

Export to CSV and store the data

Within 1 click export your data to CSV ready for importing into Facebook’s ad manager or sending off to a business who’s paying you for the data.

Test Drive AdSight PRO For 30 Days…

Test out the software on us for 30 days. If this is not the most accurate Facebook targeting data you’ve ever got your hands on then send us a message and we’ll give you your money back.

Get access today for an incredibly low price as part of this founders deal

This incredible offer is only available for a low one time cost during this ‘Founders’ special. After the launch the price will be increasing and if you miss out on this founders special you will need to pay significantly more in future.

You’re getting access to:


Does AdSightPro work on Mac & PC?

Yes! You can login to our AdSightPro software from anywhere in the world on whatever device you want. AdSightPro works with Mac, PC or any mobile device.

Do you have any money back guarantee with this software?

Yes! You can test out the software for 30 days and if you don’t believe this is the very best targeting software in the world then let us know and we’ll give you a refund.

Is AdSightPro Facebook Approved?

Yes! AdSightPro has been approved to use Facebook’s API. This was a long and complex process but we’re excited to be able to finally share the data Facebook has given us access to with you.

I’m not a very tech-savvy - Is AdSightPro Easy To Use?

Yes! If you can use the Google search engine then you can use this software. Simply choose what type of information you want to find using a keyword search, click copy and then paste. It couldn’t be easier. However if you do want help we have created step by step training videos that walk you through the entire process of finding the exact audiences you want.

How much will AdSightPro cost after this special founders offer?

This software will be removed from the market, the price will be adjusted to either a monthly or a yearly fee and re-released in a few weeks time. This is the only time you’ll be able to secure a one time price for this software.

Are there any upgrades/OTOs?

Yes there are a few optional upgrades available with AdSightPro today. These include a number of advanced features like multi-language support, Facebook integration for audience targeting, Sub-user accounts and additional tracking & analytics tools to help you measure your ROI.

Do I get future updates when I purchase as a founder today?

Yes! Whenever Facebook makes any changes or updates to their data we’ll update your software for you free of charge.

Where can I get support?

You can get in touch with our support desk here. Feel free to contact us with any pre-purchase questions or support related queries that relate to AdSightPro on support@adsightpro.com

Available For A Low One-Time Cost
ONLY For A Limited Time…

SkyRocket Your Advertising ROI Today!

Before AdSightPro you’d be forced to pay high prices for clicks because Facebook only ever shows the most popular 20-30 targeting keywords for any one topic.
After AdSightPro you can uncover thousands of targeting keywords that were previously unfindable within Facebook. You can now target specific and smaller audiences helping you to reach the right audiences.

Before AdSightPro you’d spend more money because your targeting would never be ‘specific enough’ to generate high clickthrough rates to your ads. This would result in a higher ‘per click’ cost for your ads.

After AdSightPro your audiences are much more specific so every audience you target will result in much higher clickthrough rates and less ad costs.

Before AdSightPro it was difficult to find profitable audiences
After AdSightPro it’s easier than ever to find profitable audiences.

You’re minutes away from harnessing the most powerful targeting data on the planet. What are you waiting for? Get access to AdSightPro today:

One Time payment only. No ongoing fees!

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